Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Insurance Business as Usual

My mother lives in an assisted living facility, where she spends her days going on outings, hanging with her friends, and eating great food that she doesn't have to cook. She goes on all of our family outings and is so busy, you have to schedule her in advance if you want to see her.

She had employer sponsored medical insurance coverage for retirees, but the company decided it was cheaper to have retirees get coverage through MediCare so we had to find a new plan. It seemed simple enough. The change was set to take place January 1st and was supposed to be "seamless", but her previous prescription coverage cancelled her November 30. They said it was because someone changed the address and if we changed it back, she would be reinstated.

We changed the address. Coverage was not reinstated.

My power of attorney was cancelled with the policy.

Policy can't be reinstated without power of attorney.

Unless they talk to my mother.

She doesn't understand what happened, but my mom gamely tries to explain it to them. They ended up so confused, they don't document that she gave them permission to talk me.

So they need power of attorney.

But you need a policy to have power of attorney.

Shake and repeat. Indefinitely.

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