Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Real Cost of Cancer, Part 1

I have two beautiful and talented friends whose lives are parallel. They are both smart, talented, and funny. They're both married to supportive husbands with whom they run a small business. Both have breast cancer.

Most of us fear the diagnosis and all that can go with it--surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, losing our hair, our dignity, maybe our life. Both of them have handled the medical aspects of cancer with humor and courage.

They lives intersect in the other cost of cancer: the human cost. Often too ill to work, their incomes have been slashed in half at a time when their expenses have risen dramatically to cover the costs of their treatment.

Both are in danger of losing their homes and their businesses.

I wish cancer was the only thing they have to worry about. Still, they carry on with grace and gratitude.

They are both busy planning for their future.

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